Besides the every day loans like  FHA, Conventional and VA loans, at Washington Mortgage Firm we specialize in different other programs like:

  • ITIN number 3.5% down payment
  • Conventional 1% down-payment up to $360,000 sales price.  It is a regular Conventional 3% down-payment program and the lender gives 2% towards down-payment.  This program can also be used for buyers that are buying their 2ndprimary residence.  Conventional requires 5% down-payment for 2nd primary residence (if they currently own a home) so this program gives them 2% towards down payment so they only bring 3% down payment to closing.
  • FHLB Grant (Coming end of February).  $12,500 for ALL 1sttime homebuyers and $15,000 for 1st time homebuyers that work in medical (doctor, nurse, etc.), first responders (police, firefighters, etc.) and school (teachers, janitors, etc.).
  • 100% Financing with FHA.  1stloan at 96.5% LTV and 2nd loan at 3.5% LTV (Down-payment amount).
  • DSCR 20% down payment we don’t need to show W-2, taxes, nor paystubs, as long as the rent of property covers the mortgage payment.


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